About Us

E&M Power was formed in September 2000 with the merger of Electronic Power Conversion (EPC) and Mechanical Power Conversion (MPC). As a Power Electronic Technology company we design and manufacture advanced power emulators (AC and DC) and custom power electronic products where off-the-shelf technology and standard approaches are inadequate to meet power quality, controllability, high efficiency, EMI and power density requirements. We solve your problems by developing and implementing innovative solutions.

Our line of AC and DC Advanced Power Emulators provide capability and flexibility that redefine the standard for development and test facility equipment. Our background in power dense and energy efficient systems has enabled us to produce emulators suitable for laboratory and test facilities where space, infrastructure and operating costs are of concern. Applications include hybrid and electric vehicle motor emulators, DC Buss emulators for more electric vehicles and aircraft, Hardware in the Loop (HIL) for dynamic high-power source or load emulation with real-time simulation, battery testing and cycling and DC microgrid testing.

Custom Power Electronics include Power Supplies, Inverters, DC-DC Converters, Motor Drives and Motor Systems, Battery Chargers, HID Lamp Ballasts and Power Factor Correction Modules. We’ve developed and produced products that range in power from 8 watts to 165 kilowatts for industrial and military applications including: We maintain a flexible approach to business and continually work with customers to identify the best system level approach to achieving overall program success. As a result we have structured and executed programs were we have provided turn-key solutions of fully developed and qualified products, as well as providing circuit card assemblies and modules for building into our customer’s product.