Active Load Emulator
Electric Motor Emulator


E&M Power’s Active Load Emulator (ALE) mimics the 4-quadrant electrical output of a 3-phase synchronous or induction motor/generator under user-controlled speed, torque and temperature conditions thereby simulating an electric drive train. This electronic dynamometer has the following characteristics and advantages:

ac emulator
  • Supports multiple motor/generator characteristics in a single set of hardware. Unique machine types (PM and Induction) and characteristics (voltage/speed; inductance; thermal variations) are emulated based on User defined criteria.
  • Compatible with most known PWM switching methods (space-vector, sine-triangle, LHC & others)
  • Re-circulates power between the ALE and Inverter Under Test thereby eliminating cost and complexity of re-circulating power back to facility mains. 208/380 or 480 VAC facility power sized for make-up power only (about 30% of system rating).
  • Enables test under extreme operating conditions in a safe mode without harm to the Inverter or Test Equipment (high rate of change, overspeed, continuous overload conditions).
  • Dual-mode operation (see Below)
  • Integral High-Voltage DC Supply (Isolated)
  • Dual channel available for HEV, PHEV and EREV to drive more than one machine.
  • Small footprint supports installation into laboratory and environmental test facilities with minimal exhaust heat.
  • Scalable – single channel models from 50kW to 150kW, dual channel models to 250kW

Modes of Operation

Motor Emulator or Constant Volts/Hertz

  • Motor Emulator: In this mode the Emulator uses a sophisticated motor model to accurately emulate the sinusoidal back EMF voltage and synchronous impedances of a permanent magnet or induction motor using model data from simulation or actual motor test.
  • Generic Constant Volts per Hertz: for early phase testing where a detailed motor model is not available the user can operate the Emulator at a constant volts per hertz.