Advanced Power Emulators

High Performance, Economical, and Facility Friendly

  • Motor Emulator Significantly reduced infrastructure requirements
  • DC Emulation Wide bandwidth, to 20kHz stimulations or emulations.
  • Fully Modular High-precision platforms, expandable to fit your needs

High-fidelity DC power system and motor drive inverter testing is made achievable with the use of advanced power emulation. E&M Power combines leading-edge technology and innovative design to produce superior EV/HEV motor drive inverter and DC power system test solutions. Two products, working stand alone or in combination, provide the foundation for vehicle electrification development and production testing.

From individual component testing to full vehicle systems integration testing of component compatibility, these products can interface with your proprietary test automation and data acquisition systems or E&M Power can provide a turnkey solution.

ac emulator

E&M Power's Active Load Emulator (Motor Emulator) mimics all of the characteristics of a permanent magnet or induction motor/generator at full power in all four quadrants with no moving parts under user-controlled speed, torque & temperature conditions thereby simulating an electric drive train. This electronic dynamometer, with facility requirements suitable for laboratory installations, offers significant advantages in test capabilities and flexibility with low acquisition and operating costs.

dc emulator

Our DC Emulator provides wide bandwidth, up to 20kHz stimulation or emulation of the DC power system and components. It has the ability to sweep at full power, to frequencies that include the ripple of the emulated component, and provides for full characterization of system resonances and characteristics. Available from 30kW to 2.6MW, this DC source/sink emulates dynamic, complex bidirectional loads with best in class frequency response, deterministic streaming with <1 uS latency, bidirectional full-power slew rate of <100uS and repeatable noise/ripple generation. Ideal for testing vehicle energy systems and components, including batteries, and for HIL with real-time simulation to emulate large switching and regenerative loads to study their effect on the whole power system.